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This section will help customers who are experiencing problems using this website. If you have any queries in regards to the price, description or delivies, Please contact us via telephone : 0208 586 6688.

Please note: this section is continuously being updated and will eventually become a FAQ section. if your question has not been answered on this page, please get in contact with us over the phone or by using this link and completing the form.


1.  Persistent Choose Options dialogue / add item to order issues

In most cases these issues are caused by cookies stored by your current web browser. To resolve this please follow the steps on the following link to clear your browsers cookies and data.


Please Note: Choose the correct instructions for your current web browser. You will also be logged out of our website and all other websites after doing this, so please ensure you log back in. any items you had ready to be ordered will also be lost (do not worry, you can always add these things again. They are usually un-important, non critical information). It is also recommended to do this on a regular basis by our professionals.