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About HMC


HMC is a non profit making organisation set up to monitor, inspect and certify Halal products, in particular the Halal meat and poultry sector. HMC was established in early 2003 consisting of various Ulama (Muslim Scholars) and figures from diverse backgrounds. HMC has been set up to work in the favour of all Muslims; consumers, retailers and suppliers.


HMC aims to regulate and at every point inspect Halal products from the sources to the consumer. This is done by means of thorough inspections, continuous checks, labelling and sealing of these consumables, which are to be continuously monitored by HMC trained inspectors and monitors, thus overcoming the many doubtful issues arising with regards to our daily diet by providing the public the reassurance of genuine Halal products, not just “because it says Halal….it must be Halal.’’ By implementing an authenticated system, the Muslim public can have full confidence and assurance in their choice of buying HMC certified products leaving no doubts in their minds.


The Halal Monitoring Committee is aimed solely at serving the Muslim public in so far as their basic needs of eating Islamically suitable foods. HMC intends to start off with the raw meat industry and thereafter move on to as many different food industries as possible with the aim of providing Muslims with peace of mind and security regarding their foods. We believe it is only right for the hard earned Halal wealth of our Muslim community to be spent on genuine Halal sustenance. Thus we consider it our duty to serve the Ummah.

A'la Pizza 28, Upton Lane, London E7 9LN , is a certified HMC Restaurant and take away. All meat and poulty products are 100% guranteed Halal as specified by the Halal Monitoring Committee.

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